Monday, September 2, 2013

Pirates Cave


Jason was a young boy that had an extreme passion and interest in pirates. His dream was to one day as impossible as it sounded was to be a pirate himself. He wanted to have his own ship and a crew of men under his command that would sail the ocean with him in search of a magnificent treasure. 

On the last day of school before summer vacation started two boys ended up at Pirates Cave. John found an old bottle in the sand that he thought was just some junk. That had washed up on shore But Jason knew better and he took it home to study it.

Who was this man they meet on the beach? He told the boy’s he was a Pirate named “Mad Dog” John wasn’t so sure, but Jason was curios and that’s what lead him back there to Pirates Cave.

When Jason turned up missing this man “Mad Dog’ was the prime suspect. But he was no where, to be found. Everyone turned to John for help, but all the information he could give could not help.

 It wasn’t until Detective Lenny Waters did some research on Pirates Cave until they came up with some leads to where Jason might be.

Pirates Cave will be released on Sept 24 2013 But for now it can be pre ordered only at Smashwords- I listed the web address below. Thanks for the support and for checking out my story Pirates Cave. 

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